Deco defends his work in the last two transfer markets.

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Deco, Barcelona’s sporting director, admits that the Azulgrana player market is not as easy as it was 20 years ago due to current financial problems and that each club still has the financial potential to sign players. Kicking is no different from Barca as well.

Barcelona sporting director Anderson Deco has defended the Azulgrana’s moves in the transfer market over the past 12 months. Due to financial problems, it is believe that Xavi Hernandez still has the strength to compete. But he admits that the team is too small after player injuries.

Throughout the last two games against Osasuna and Alaves, it appeared that Xavi had only 12 first-team players to choose from due to injuries to many players. Therefore, the 44-year-old trainer must call on the services of many young players, including Lamine Yamal, Pau Gubarsi and Hector Fort, who have had the opportunity to play continuously in the latter period. 

Deco claims that part of it is because Xavi isn’t ready to sacrifice and let certain players move to another team. But the club is doing its best to sign new players. amid the club’s financial problems 

‘If there’s no lever Had to create more balance for Fair Play, but it did a good job. It is true that the coach did not want to sell Dembele or let Busquets go, but Gundoğan, Cancelo, Jo took Felix for free, while Inigo and O Riol has come in to bring balance to the team.’

‘But the injury has affected us. We didn’t have two full months with the same team. That’s not an excuse. But in the end it was like that. We’re left with a small team and a lot of competition.’

Asked if Barcelona had fail to bring in top foreign players to mix with the talents of players from their La Masia training center, Deco reply: ‘Let’s see, if I’m not mistaken. Wandowski was top scorer last season. Chelsea and Arsenal wanted Rafinha and he played more than Dembele, both scoring and assisting. I checked back It’s been going on for 20 years.’

It’s been nearly two decades since Deco joined Barcelona in 2004, and back then he saw the Barcelona transfer market as being much easier. But right now he cannot bring in a player with a profile similar to Ronaldinho or Samuel Eto’o.

‘I would like to sign players like Ronaldinho and Eto’o today, even Deco (himself), but they don’t exist and are not on the market. Times have changed. Football has changed. Nowadays I can’t sign a contract for Barca.’

‘I wouldn’t have to wait five years in Porto, not even Samuel in Mallorca waited for Barca as long as I wanted. I received so many offers from many clubs that Porto could demand more money. And it will be much more difficult. Today there are players who score goals like Eto’o in six months and every club is fighting for them.’

Most recently, Barcelona were heartbroken over their failure to sign Lucas Bergvall after the 18-year-old midfielder of Djurgardens. Decided to move to play with Tottenham Hotspur, which Deco had an explanation. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

‘When Barca entered the market 20 years ago, they had competition from Real Madrid, Manchester United and many others. Now every team in the Premier League has the ability to make signings and there’s also PSG and no city is as powerful as they are today.’

‘Teams are better organize and players can choose from more clubs, but Barcelona still has power. We can attract players. And we can bring in important players as well.’