Frank has hailed forward Ivan Toney as the best pena

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Brentford manager Thomas Frank has hailed forward Ivan Toney as the best penalty taker in the world.

         The 25-year-old forward scored a hat-trick as the team beat Norwich City 3-1 in the Premier League on Saturday night ufabet. The two goals came from the penalty shootout. Which Frank praised his own subordinates to the extent that he was the best penalty shooter in the world.

         “I think it’s not just the three goals he has scored. But also the overall performance that was absolutely outstanding today,” said Frank.

         “With the second kill, which I’ve said many times about how many penalty shootouts he’s take. The more we come to understand the fact that he is the best penalty shooter in the world with his coolness and method.”

         Toney has scored nine goals in the Premier League this season, with four coming from the penalty spot.

“We didn’t help ourselves in them big moments. For instance, we knew they were a decent set-piece team and Brandon Williams should defend the far post much better for the first goal.

“Ben Gibson should not give them a decision to make with a high foot. And then he goes to ground but on the flip side. There is a big moment in the game where we should have a penalty and we are not given a penalty.

“I don’t quite understand VAR at the moment and I am not sure anybody can explain it to me. Them big moments change games.”