Allegri insists Dybala is over

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Allegri insists Dybala is over. Juventus boss Max Allegri has revealed that Paulo Dybala‘s story is over and will focus on the rest of the games.

Zebra’s 2-1 victory over Cagliari came out in Serie A on Saturday, with the Bianconeri remaining five points behind leaders AC Milan. but play ufabet more than 1 match.

The Argentine striker was unable to reach a new contract with Juventus, prompting both sides to agree to end discussions. And the players will move to the team for free after the season, which Allegri stressed that the matter is over.

“It’s over because many The story has a beginning and an end. It happens between a man and a woman. It happens between the club and the coach or the player.

“This is part of life. The club is clear Together we find a solution Therefore, this decision has been agreed upon. On the other hand, Paul is working hard. He’s had a lot of injuries and it’s not Dybala as we know it. So he can give us more in the last few weeks.

“He is proving himself to be a great professional. like other players to renew or not to renew their contracts.”